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    Hello everyone!

    For some reason my BW 10 on Mac refuse to work. First I couldn't quit BW, then when I had to restart Bw din't allow me to. Then I used force quit (maybe I was stupid) and after that it tells me that bw1000.exe has severe damage and the program has to be stopped.

    I tried to use the options offered at the bw page, with correction and so on, but it does not work. Can anyone tell me what to do, I have the 32 bit Mojave and BW used to work alright.

    I have an activation code from June 14th 2018 and a customers number.

    Is there any way to find my way back to Bible works again???

    I would probably need an installation file for Bw -10-43.dmg or something, but I don't know.

    I might try to u��se TIME MACHINE from an earlier date this year when my Bibelworks worked all well, but I don't know if it works...

    A piece of good advice.

    Best reds from Helsinki

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    Default Help recieved, BibleWOrks is working

    Hello, I have had a lot of problems with my BW19 on Mac, but now everything is alright!

    I talked to "now John" and git some good advice, I want to thank him very much!!! May God bless him and all users!

    I have Mojave in my macbook pro, I downloaded the big isofile (Bibleworks10rev7.iso) and the Bibelworks -10 -43.dmg.

    I took a backup copy of all, and removed all bw files to a backup disc.

    Then I booted my Macbook Pro and started to download. At the end I needed to activate the installed files on internet with my activation code. I also needed a code for BW9 to get some files from that version, and now everything is well.

    This is Good Friday! The overall theme is Isaiah 53! but I also thank the Lord for helping his poor servant here in the Nordic country.

    God bless you all!


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