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Thread: new on BW. Where can I find an activation code?

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    Default new on BW. Where can I find an activation code?


    I just tried to install BW but it asks for an activation code that I don't where to find it.

    Any help?

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    BW is a not a freeware and each single copy has its unique activation code.
    When you buy your legal copy, you essentially buy the activation code.
    So, contact the person/store that you bought from.

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    Default files

    where can I update the BW10 version, some files are damaged and I need to reload it (probably again). the bw1000.exe is corrupt. It his been working very well on may mac, my son installed a command that prevents the updates to 64 bit version.

    Something else happened. I have been using it for many months with no problem. But now major problems.

    If Mike reads this I want to thank you and your folks very much, I have been using BW for maybe 30 years....

    Henca from Finland

    I have an activation code and a client number.

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