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    I have downloaded the Bwhebb and Bwhebl font onto my computer to use in writing college essays. However when I try to use it, instead of writing right to left as per Hebrew it writes from left to right.
    How do I rectify this please?
    Mystified student.

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    I suppose your question is not related to BibleWorks fonts but to the input function of your word processing software which you use to type a paper.

    Take OpenOffice Writer as an example, you can enable the 'Complex Text Layout' feature and use 'Ctrl+Shift+A' and 'Ctrl+Left Shift' to switch between typing from left-to-right and right-to-left, thus allowing you to switch between typing in English and in Hebrew.

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    Have you tried just dropping it in the font folder?

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    I do not understand this topic. Haven't tried adding fonts. We must also check.

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