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Thread: How to change the bible translation noted to small letters?

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    Default How to change the bible translation noted to small letters?

    How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

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    Quote Originally Posted by MosleyCale View Post
    My program always copied the verses with the small letters noting the Bible version while the Scripture is in regular size print. How do I change it?

    Thanks much for any help
    I am not sure what you mean. Could you take a screenshot and show the small letters? Take a screenshot of the entire screen.

    Generally changes like that are made by going to the BW main menu, then Tools, then Options, then Output Format Options, the either Verse List or Range or Selected Browse Text.

    Changes can also be made by going to BW main menu, then Tools, then Options, then General, Flags. There are many settings in the Flags section.

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    Speed Test How do I change it?

    Thanks much for any help
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    Quote Originally Posted by GATYRA View Post
    Tcs WebmailDade SchoolsUps How do I change it?

    Thanks much for any help
    you cannot change it.

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    then how to change it cookie clicker addiction
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