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Thread: How to copying PDF text into MS Word?

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    A couple of ways. If it is a "normal" pdf, simply select all, copy, then paste into the word document. You will lose all formatting but the text will survive.

    There are tools for cost such as ABBYY or Adobe which will convert the PDF to any format. ABBYY is not cheap, but Adobe is very expensive, geared as it is to the commercial market. There are others.

    Third way is to scan the print out of the pdf with an OCR program. Most scanners come with low-function but free OCR software. Again, you lose formatting. Some OCRs will input a pdf file directly, but I've found ABBYY to be better for this.

    Some PDFs are essentially photographs (like my HOA's "contracts" and "agreements") which are not selectable or even searchable, so pretty much the only thing to do is to scan them and use the OCR solution.

    Hope this helps.

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    This leads me to believe that either (a) what I heard was incorrect, and this is impossible, (b) the PDF needs to be created in a specific way for this to work, or (c) I need a specific version of Acrobat. Can anyone help?

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