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Thread: Donations?

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    Default Donations?

    Is there a way to make a donation to the folks who continue to maintain this product for us?

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    Default Donations perhaps expedient due to rampant pirating situation

    Hi Steve,

    Mike's expressed intention at the close of the business was to continue to maintain BW10 with compatibility updates for the foreseeable future -- perhaps even for as long as he lives ("Lord willing"). And this apparently without the need for additional funds from license holders.

    Then came the recent explosion of pirating. I suspect that the Ebay offering that continues to be relisted (and probably the "copy-n-paste" duplicate offering on this forum) are pirated (i.e., duplicated licenses) -- I think Mike should delete those offerings on the forum, or at least edit out their contact info.

    It's great that Mike is requiring the serial number before letting people download, even though that might mean that people who bought a pirated copy in good faith will not get a compatibility update.

    I assume that compatibility updates will be for licensed owners only. If that is so, there could be (from my non-programming perspective) significant programming needs, or the need to manually process requests for updates. I would hope Mike would then make a donation page. I would gladly pay for compatibility updates in any case. But especially under a new situation where fighting pirating requires greater unforeseen effort or costs to maintain/distribute compatibility.

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