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Thread: Pirated Copies of BibleWorks

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    Default Many thanks and deep appreciation!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gilbert Salinas View Post
    Mike, I for one appreciate it VERY MUCH!!

    God Bless You!
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I use BW every single day. It was and continues to be the best language based Bible program!

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    Smile Windows 11

    Hi Mike!

    Will you continue to help with BW10 even with Windows 11??


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    Default Sustainable business model

    Quote Originally Posted by MBushell View Post
    How can anyone expect the blessing of the Lord on labors conducted with stolen research materials

    They probably aren't Christians. More likely just professional software pirates. But who knows?

    Anyway, thought I'd run this business model by you to see if you think it has any merit. You might have already thought of it.

    Back in the day I borrowed Chief Architect and had lots of fun with it and eventually the guy gave it to me so I ended up buying a $50 Windows XP to run it on, as well as my BW5 which doesn't work on my new computer. A new version of CA today costs about $3000 which can be paid for on a rent-to-own basis for $200 per month where you only pay for it during the months you are actually using it. That includes all upgrades as does purchasing it outright. I'd do the rent-to-own if I were designing something I was actually going to build because I could do that in a month or two.

    I would think there would be enough BW users interested in paying something like $30 per half year to always have a version that gets upgraded enough to work on whatever Windows comes out, and maybe even for Mac. It seems you might get enough semi-annual subscriptions to hire someone half time or full time to do the work necessary to keep it running on the newest OS's? 1000 subscribers would gross you $60,000 per year.

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    I'm saddened to hear that you have faced the fight against piracy after closing down BW. I came a little late to the blessing of BW, and started with BW9. I have appreciated being able to activate my purchased copies of BW9 and now since it came out BW10. As you were closing down I made the purchase of BDAG and HALOT which I also appreciate being to activate against your server. I hope I can continue to do so for many years, because I have used other Bible research programs, but feel that none of them allow me to do the kind of original language study that I desire to do with the ease that I can do it.

    I will watch out for evidence of piracy, but I haven't seen any evidence in my professional circles (all the pastors I know have licensed copies) or in the geek circles that I keep (Linux and Open Source geeks who are also trying to run their licensed copies on Linux using Wine). If I come across anything fishy looking, I will let you know. It is my hope that we can keep the Windows supported version worked and authenticating against your server for years to come. I also hope there is a plan B in place to keep the authentication servers going if the Lord would call you home to glory one day, so that if BW 10 is still working under Windows we can still authenticate our copies and continue our study of God's Word with this tool.

    Blessings, and I am saddened by this news. I came to BW because I believed you offered a great product for a fair price even for pastors who aren't on the highest pay scale. Thanks for all of your work.

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