There continue to be people informing me that there are hacked and bogus copies of BibleWorks floating around. The best I can say for this is that it is disappointing. It is certainly ironic that anyone would steal a copy of a Bible program and purportedly use it for studying Scripture. If any of you come into possession of such things I would appreciate receiving copies of instructions, activation codes, and so on, together with any contact information that you were provided. How can anyone expect the blessing of the Lord on labors conducted with stolen research materials?

This is not something new with the closure of the company. Our business manager spent hundreds of hours every year trying to stop piracy.

BibleWorks is not abandonware. There is no such thing. The program is still under copyright as are the hundreds of copyrighted databases in the program owned by other companies.

I said when we closed down that I was committed to maintaining compatibility of the program with Windows. That is still my intention three years out. But if piracy and theft continue to grow I will simply shut down the forum, knowledge database and activation server to prevent them from being a service to those who got the program illegally. Please help me to stop this stuff before that becomes necessary.