Here is my situation:

I upgraded to Catalina
I lost my Bibleworks as I had to send my Mac in for repair
I am on a MacBook Pro 2018

I can't live without Bibleworks! (a very important part of my story)

I have tried to follow instructions all day from this forum
I can't find my activation code for Bibleworks 10 (at least I don't think I can, even though I found 15 other unlock codes)
I cannot download the bw10 7 iso since the site keeps asking for a activation code (I think that is the problem)

I really really will start questioning my calling to ministry if I don't get this figured out :-)

A couple of years ago I purchased the Mac version of BW10 from someone on this forum. I am willing to do this again if I need to.

I will do anything, pay anyone, sell my first child if someone could just walk me through this. I like Logos and Accordance, but I was brought up on Bibleworks since 1999. I own Credo Courses and would be willing to trade help for anything from our site

If anyone can help me, please let me know.