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Thread: Stuck at "initializing application"

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    Default Stuck at "initializing application"

    Hi, BW brainiac friends.

    I've a Windows 10 PC and have been using BW for hundreds of years.

    Suddenly, when I open BW 10 it freezes at the "initializing application" window. It resists "End task." I rebooted several times. I added c:\program files (x86)\bibleworks 10\bw1000.exe to the exceptions in my new virus program (System Mechanic Pro).

    Finally, I just let it play for maybe 5-10 minutes, and it finally opened and worked. Then I tried opening my second configuration, and the same behavior happened. It's still hanging; we'll see if it eventually opens.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

    UPDATE: I added the whole folder to the Exceptions in the virus program, and now BW opens right up. I tested after a reboot, both configurations, and so-far, so-good. Perhaps that was the issue. We'll see!
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