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Thread: Big Sur, Crosover, Mac of Windows version?

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    Question A simple step-by-step walk-through from Crossover to Bibleworks running on M1 Mac?

    Quote Originally Posted by jopark74 View Post
    I can also confirm that the Crossover method to install and run BW10 works on my M1 Macbook Pro!
    Everything works as expected.
    Could you please help provide a simple step-by-step guide from installing Crossover to making BW10 work on Big Sur 11.2.1? I'm also using M1 MBP but have zero experience with Crossover. Thanks a lot in advance!

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    I have tried (repeatedly) - it won't work for me. Also - says my activation code isn't correct (but it is). Any suggestions??

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    Default How to install BW10 on Win10?

    Will not run and reinstall BW10? which enjoyed for many years.
    Since the beginning, 2020 has ceased to function Adobe Flash Plaer, desired to install and run BW10 & BW9. When starting the BW10 AFP requires updating and the BW10 does not start.
    Help what to do?

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    Default Installed BibleWorks 10 today

    I successfully installed BibleWorks 10 on the new Macbook Air with the M1 chip. I used the ISO file from BibleWorks website and opened it with the MacBook Disk Utility app. Codeweaver will not recognize an ISO file. After installing Codeweaver, it automatically discovered the expanded files and installed the program. I had to do it twice because for whatever reason, it didn't install the first time. It could not install two windows "framework" files so I just pressed "skip." And it did not install Internet explorer. It starts up a little slow - seconds longer - but works great. You might want to give that a try.
    Wishing you all the best,

    Quote Originally Posted by franramirez View Post
    Hi, I am actually trying to install Bible Works 10 (Windows version, 32 bits) using Crossover, in my new Mac Book Air Pro with Big Sur and M1 (not Intel chip)

    I am also in contact with CodeWeavers technicians.

    Until now all my attempts have been unsuccesfull. I tried using both the original pen drive of BW10 and the ISO file image, including the very version one CodeWeavers use in their tests. I am algo using the same tie file for BW10 they use.

    A far as I can understand (I am not myself an expertise in computers), CodeWeavers have managed to install BW10 with MacOs Catalina, but it is not clear they have right now the answers to solve the problems with Big Sur + M1.

    Crossover itself runs smoothly in Big Sur + M1, but fails when reaching the SetUp step for BW10.

    I keep contact with CodeVeaver and wait until they find/give me a valid solution.

    For the record: I tried also with de Mac version (the old one and the Beta): the Beta do reach installation, but crashes when opening.

    If I finally get the solution, I will post it. I would appreciate if any one in this forum have already got it.

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