I'm Randy Leedy, author of the BibleWorks Greek NT Sentence diagrams (now available in PDF form at my website, www.NTGreekGuy.com). I'm contemplating the possibility of spinning off a version of the diagrams for a Majority or Byzantine text. So far I'm having trouble finding people who would be interested in such a product. I would be happy to receive expressions of interest at my website, www.NTGreekGuy.com/#ContactMe.

Funding for perhaps as much as a year's work is an issue to be overcome. I can imagine a one-year subscription at perhaps $4-$5 per month, with access to the work as it's completed and then a copy of the finished product at the end. I could also be interested in working under sponsorship of some individual or organization who would own the finished product. And there may be other possibilities as well.

If anyone knows of a contact that I should pursue for discussing this possibility, I'd be happy to receive that information. Probably via the web address given above would be the best communication route, although I don't see any big problem with posting here if people prefer.