There is currently a seller on eBay selling what may well be pirated copies of BibleWorks. I have contacted the seller and eBay with no response. We have had an ongoing problem with this. It is in fact one reason we chose to close up shop. I would encourage you not to buy copies from sources selling multiple copies of BibleWorks, without boxes. You can always try to contact a seller and ask questions about the history of the product. DO NOT use any BibleWorks 10 USB delivered to you. If they supplied an activation code, use it with the ISO downloaded from our site. Better yet, send the code to me so I can check it out. Often times a seller will sell copies all with the same activation code. Eventually this will exceed the number of allowable installs on new computers and fail to activate. Beware. Remember the 7th commandment.
This has been a severe problem with eBay in Brazil but also in the US. I will continue to investigate.

Mike Bushell