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Thread: Upgrading from an old version

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    Default Upgrading from an old version

    Is there any way possible to uograde from version 6?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pastorbk View Post
    Is there any way possible to uograde from version 6?
    Since BW closed there is no way to buy a license from them. The best thing to do would be to post your interest on the forum in this thread.

    Also subscribe to that thread so that you would receive an email notice whenever there is a new post in it.

    At this moment the most recent post is someone selling a BW 10 license.

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    If the manual upgrade process isn't working, your best bet might just be to make a fresh, new tails install, create its own persistence, and transfer whatever you need over to that. You should be able to mount & unlock the old persistent volume in a new tails (or any linux distro that supports LUKS, for that matter)

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