Dear BW users:

I have BW 4 on an old Win 95 system. The monitor is very small and I would like to use the BW disks to load the program onto one of my later systems, either Windows Vista or Windows 10. But I expect that if I try to load the disk, I will get a prompt asking me to enter my licence number or the like, and, as I'm told that BW as a company no longer exists to confirm ownership of the software, I don't know that it would be possible to complete loading the program -- even if Vista or Windows 10 would tolerate a program written for Win 95. I was going to buy the newest version of Bibleworks earlier this year, and then found out that it is no longer for sale, so I'm stuck with an older version of the program and no adequate computer system for using it.

Can anyone offer me any practical suggestions?

Thanks for reading.