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Thread: Accordance vs Logos vs Bibleworks

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    Default Accordance vs Logos vs Bibleworks

    Hello all.
    I am looking to (finally) invest in some bible software.
    I was wondering to hear from those who have one or more of these so give me some of your impressions on them. Any pros and cons would help.
    I have a Mac, so running Bibleworks would require setting up a partition on my computer.
    Thank you for any recommendations GBWhatsApp you might have!
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    BibleWorks is no longer in business and the support for Mac OS was discontinued. If you are going to install a Windows partition then you can use BW if you can find someone to sell you a license. The other two software programs are excellent and are both still in business. I do not think, as excellent as BW is, that I can recommend it for a Mac user. The 64 bit Mac installer does not work and there is zero intention to keep up with Mac IOS changes going forward.

    I think if you want input on the other two bible software packages you should post for opinions in those forums.

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