I need help from anyone 'out there' who is willing to help:

I have had BW 10 for quite a while (before the company shut down). So, I already had an ISO file and used it to install BW 10. I thought I saved it somewhere but cannot find it now.

BW10 is installed on my school's (London School of Theology) computer and so now I want to install my (private) BW10 on my personal laptop. IT has locked my work computer from any downloads from the internet.

If I have lost my ISO file, how do I get another one so that I can install BW10 (spent a lot of money for all the stuff I have on it) on my private computer?

Many thanks for any one who can help! I am affraid that BW10 is locked forever on my work computer.

God bless,

John Dennis
London School of Theology