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Thread: Latin tools in BW

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    Default Latin tools in BW

    Just curious... did BW ever have an add-on or version or module in which my cursor could hover over a word in the Latin text in the browse window... that was tagged to instantly show meaning and grammatical analysis (like it does for Greek) in an automatic pop-up bubble... without clicking?...

    I found Pasquale's great Vulgata Latin add-on that comes up in the analysis window... but I don't think that's tagged to appear with a hovering cursor. (No complaints... *amazing* work, Pasquale!)... or maybe I don't have it set up right...

    I don't know if such a Latin tool was ever built for BW... curious if it was...

    Thanks, all. Stay well and thrive.

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    As far as I know and have seen, it cannot. Maybe I have not found it, but thinking about it I have not found the add-on...

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