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Thread: Filename for Metzger, please

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    Default Filename for Metzger, please

    Hi, I'm a long-time BW user reinstalling BW10 on another machine. Somewhere I put the file(s) that constitute(s) Metzger's _Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament_, but I can't locate it. Could someone please remind me of the filename or filenames?

    Note that I'm not asking for a copy of the file(s), which I already own. I just need to locate the file(s) on the hard drive of my old machine.

    Thank you.

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    Default Found

    Never mind. I found the files: metzger.sdx, metzger.chd, metzger.chm.

    I'm not sure all these are necessary, but, after I copied them to my Program Files (x86) \ BibleWorks 10 \ databases folder (and restarted BW10, of course), Metzger now comes up under Resources / Text Criticism.



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