I would like some help from some computer whiz to sort out a little issue.

When BW10 came out I noticed that some Greek NT texts had very different word counts. For example, Alford went from 138944 words in Bw9 to 138406. Tregelles also went from 138380 to 139380. This last one looks suspiciously like an error in reading on my part, and maybe it is.

However, I compiled Griesbach's 2nd edition and put it up on the User compiled forum, and its length was 139692. Then Pasquali did the same thing again as an official edition for BW10 and it came in at 140374. Now, I have compared the two versions of Griesbach's second edition, and we only have about 20 real differences between mine and Pasquali's texts, and the word difference is about 20 words different in length. Pasquali made some mistakes and I made a few more mistakes, but there is not 700 words difference between our two texts.

What is going on? There is NO WAY that Griesbach's NT text is longer than the Byzantine text (140154), as Pasquali's version information shows. Griesbach's NT is far more likely to be around the word count that my compilation shows. I suspect that Tregelles and Alford are giving far higher word counts than in reality, too. They should be far lower considering their textual principles.

My guess is that the BW engine is somehow counting things differently for some texts. Maybe it has something to do with verse mapping differences, resulting in things being counted twice.

I need to know what the exact word counts are for Griesbach, Alford and Tregelles. So, if anyone with a bit of computer nous can help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

BTW, various NT texts had the same word counts (WH, BYZ, Tischendorf, etc.) in BW 9 and 10.