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Thread: Bibleworks9 re-installation on a new computer

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    Exclamation Bibleworks9 re-installation on a new computer

    I have been using Bibleworks9 for along time on my computer which I originally loaded up from discs. Know I have a new computer with DVD drive how can I re-install Bibleworks9 on my new computer? I do have my original activation code.

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    Default Sorry for the poor english

    The second sentence should read 'Now that I have a new computer with NO DVD reader how can I re-install Bibleworks9'.

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    You might have to look into buying (or borrowing) an external DVD drive that could be connected to the computer for this purpose. Don't know what it would cost if you have to buy one. But if you have other items on DVD that you might need to access, it could be worthwhile.
    David Rensberger
    Atlanta, Georgia

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    You might have a computer geek around who could transfer it from your old computer to your new one for an hour or so's fee.
    Mark Eddy

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