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Thread: Import BDAG and HALOT to new computer

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    Default Import BDAG and HALOT to new computer

    Greeting all. When I bought bw 6 I also purchased some add-ons. I purchased a new laptop this past winter and I would like to transfer the add-ons I originally purchased to
    my new computer. BW won’t let me re-download them, even though I have me activating codes.
    IS there a way to locate the files on my computer where they were originally downloaded and then transfer them to my new computer? Thanks

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    This isn't a user database question, but I may have an answer. If I remember correctly, the codes for BDAG and HALOT for BW6 and earlier did not have as many digits as the codes for BW7 and later (more digits makes it harder to steal). If you have the older codes, you used to be able to upgrade them through BW techinical support (which is now closed). If you are simply putting BW6 on your new computer, all you would have to do is copy the contents of your old computer's BW databases folder into your new computer's BW databases folder. If you still have the activation codes (either on paper or visible within BW6), they can be activated within BW on your new by clicking on "File" "activate Database" and follow the directions there (eventually typing in the codes when prompted). If you purchased BW10 but did not get updated activation codes for BDAG and HALOT, the retired programmer might be able to issue new ones, if you can prove to him that you had valid older codes.
    Mark Eddy

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    Near the end of the month I will be either buying someones used gaming rig or parting together another pc for my gf. She plays a ton of Ark and its currently sitting around 250gigs with all her mods and such installed. I am on comcast and they cap me at 1tb of data a month which we only use around 800gb anyway so its not been a problem. I don't want to have to re install Ark on the new desktop because that would obviously take 1/4 of my data cap immediately, so I was wondering if I can connect the hard drive to my pc and move the files over manually but I don't know how/if steam would recognize it once its there or if it will still try to install it. Do I just move it to the place where steam already has it installed or will this even work?

    Kodi nox
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