The BibleWorks sentence diagrams have now been released in PDF form, including icons along the right-hand margin to click to display grammatical notes, as well as all ancillary material published within BibleWorks plus some more. Navigation is by means of a bookmarks pane along the left edge of the program window. More information and provisions for purchase appear at my website,

Of course this reissue of the diagrams is of little or no value to BW users, but the diagrams have often been requested as a standalone publication, and now that BW is no longer readily available for purchase, it seems that the time to spin off a standalone presentation has come.

Many thanks to Mike Bushell for his support, not only for sponsoring the production of the diagrams in the first place, but now also for making arrangements to continue their availability in this alternate form.

My further hearty appreciation will extend to all who, by whatever means, pass along the word about this reissue.

Blessings in Christ!

Randy Leedy