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Thread: Windows 10 issue or...

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    Quote Originally Posted by catlover View Post
    There was indeed a separate Module Disk with BibleWorks 7, but that included files for resources like BDAG, HALOT, and others. Foreign language bibles, such as Polish, were included with the program. The solution would, indeed, be to run the Setup program again. There will be a point in the setup program where additional cutfullprice versions and resources that had been omitted the first time could be clicked (selected) so as to be installed. If any of the disks were not included in the first running of the installation, they will be called for when the setup program runs this second time.

    I hope that this serves to be helpful.
    Thank you for detailing a solution to us!
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    I'm on ps4 not Xbox but try restore your game licenses if Xbox has that feature. Might have just lost or deleted yours if have it on disc and installed fully before downloaded war zone update

    Kodi nox
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    i'm facing the same issue shareit app vidmate

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    Quote Originally Posted by now john View Post
    Concerning a)
    Using keyboard languages with BW (other than English) can be troublesome. It would be helpful for you to clarify if the problems that you are having affect BW only, Windows 10 only, or both.

    concerning b)
    By polish language pack missing do you mean that no polish versions are available in BW. If so, using the first installation cd run the installation executable. There should be an option to modify. Choose it and then there should be an option to install Bibles that should include polish Bibles. Can you select a polish Bible, finish the installation, and will that Bible be available?
    If you still have problems, let me know. I haven't used BW7 in years but I have the installation cd's and could reinstall BW7 and see if I could help you work through the problem.
    In new support documents published this week, Microsoft has revealed that further 'Known Issues' in its latest Windows 10 updates can break printers, cause external displays to go black and still break Internet connections problems the company first recognized last month.
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