Hi! I was shocked to find out, just a week or two ago, that BibleWorks is no longer for sale. I used BibleWorks 4 for years (under Windows 95) and found it excellent, and was planning to purchase the latest version for the new Windows 10 system I bought this year, but then got a rude surprise.

I tried running BibleWorks 4 on my Vista system, and it only half-functions because crucial Help menus aren't available. I assume the same would be the case if I loaded BibleWorks 4 onto my Windows 10 system. I understand that BibleWorks 7 and up are useable on Vista and Windows 10. Would anyone out there have a BibleWorks 7, 8, 9, or 10 version (complete with whatever activation codes are needed) that I could buy and use on my Windows 10 system?

I've looked on Ebay for used copies and can't find any, and don't know where else to look. Would anyone here be interested in shedding an older version he/she is no longer using, by putting it up for sale on Ebay or by some other route?

Some have suggested switching to some other program, e.g., Accordance or Logos, where I can expect future company support. Any thoughts on that option would also be appreciated, but for now, I am still exploring the BibleWorks options.

Cameron W.