Dear Service of Bibleworks10
Itís a so pitty your service has gone..
I have used for a long time, bibleworks6 to 10
Your program has given to me so much helpful program.

Now I have some problem to open my program BW10.
After format my computer I canít load it.
Also I canít find the right place that I have put my activation Code.

I had bought BW10 dictectly from Mr. Kim H. W at ďlabibleĒ in Seoul, mar 2017.
I am afraid that I may not write my essay by right dead line.

Would please help me?
Sever time I have searched your FAQ, but I canít find a way to solve my problems.

2019. 12. 28

[PS] Still my BW10 has remained on my computer at start bar.
I can download your installation program but without activation code it is useless.