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Thread: Possible to migrate a WORDsearch module from BW10 on Mac to BW10 on Windows?

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    Default Possible to migrate a WORDsearch module from BW10 on Mac to BW10 on Windows?


    I am running BW10 on Mac and also on Windows 10 via Parallels on the same Mac. In 2013 I purchased from WORDsearch Robert Culver’s Systematic Theology for $49.95, for use with my BibleWorks software.

    Yesterday, I reinstalled BibleWorks 10 on Windows 10 from the ISO file, and ran WORDsearch's WSBookInstallerBibleWorks.exe utility with my userID and PW. This utility downloads the purchased WORDsearch module for Culver's Systematic Theology, and makes it available to BW10. When I ran the utility, I got the error, "This Customer ID and Password has no remaining uses. Contact WORDsearch customer support." I have done so, but I am concerned about the likelihood of getting help, as the word "BibleWorks" no longer exists on WORDsearch's website. I worry that WORDsearch has moved on with the closure of BibleWorks -- I hope I am wrong.

    Meanwhile, the installation of BW10 on my Mac still has Culver's Systematic Theology installed on it. Does anyone know how I might find the WORDsearch Culver Systematic Theology module files on my Mac BW10 installation and migrate them to my new BW10 installation on Windows 10?

    Thank you in advance for any help,


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    Default Found the answer ... posted here for anyone who needs it.

    I discovered a solution in a BibleWorks page for transferring WORDsearch files from a Mac version of BibleWorks to a Windows version (also can be copied Windows to Mac if that is what is desired). The link is:

    Steps are here if this is helpful:

    On the Mac:

    • Start the Mac version of BibleWorks.
    • In the Apple menu (top menu), click "BibleWorks".
    • Select "Open Program Folder" A window will appear with the installed folders and files of BibleWorks in a folder named “Program Folder”.
    • In “Program Folder”, search for the name of the WORDsearch module (probably similar to the title of the book. You should find 3 files with the extensions .chd, .chm, and .sdx. If you cannot find the name of the files, search for one of the file extensions and dig through the results until you find the file name that is close to the title of the WORDsearch book.
    • Copy those 3 files (.chd, .chm, .sdx) to the clipboard.

    In Windows 10:

    • In Windows Explorer, paste the 3 files into C:\Program Files (x86)\BibleWorks 10\databases\
    • Start BibleWorks.
    • In the upper menu of BibleWorks, under Resources, you should be able to find the WORDsearch book in the relevant category (e.g. “Theology”). When you find the WORDsearch book title, click on it to ensure that it appears for your use.

    If you try it and find errors, let me know.

    Grace and peace,


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