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This is a very inventive solution! Just so I am clear, I would need the CodeWeaver license to make this work and then download the basic BW10 file, open it and run the ISO to bring in the additional resources?
Actually it's not that inventive, it's just a currently accessible version of the solution that BibleWorks have already used. But thanks anyway

To answer your question: yes, for this to work, you need to get the CrossOver for Mac software. The legal version is cheap enough, yet I was surprised, how fast the pirates from TNT were. However for the good work, I'm sure that CodeWeavers deserve their money.

Then you either install the BW10 for Windows from the ISO, or you can just download and import the exported bottle from my link above. Most people won't need to install anything on top of that, but it's quite easy to do, you just run the setup.exe file from the BW10 DVD image in the BibleWorks 10 bottle. All you really need is the BW10 activation code.