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Thread: Is there a BW versions legend/definition/key chart?

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    Question Is there a BW versions legend/definition/key chart?


    Is there a place that explains where and how the different BW versions came into existence? I mean...I can google the NIV/KJV/NAS, etc, but it would be great if these and the more "esoteric" versions (esoteric to me) like the
    BYZ or SCM or even what the BGT is based on... one place, would be awesome.

    I have all these versions, and I don't know which are the most ancient, most reliable, most accepted, etc.

    In the BW versions, do we have most every major/minor texts on which the majority of Bible's are based?

    Thanks for your help!



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    Default Versions

    You might check this thread
    where I cited these sites:
    Some online summaries of English translations that are worth checking include: (provides continuum locating literal to dynamic translations)
    and for a more detailed description of many versions.
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    Default Thank you! Do these links pretty much cover all BW versions?

    Thanks again

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