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    Quote Originally Posted by song_robin
    If the step books can somehow be converted into text format, then yes, it can be done.

    The procedure of reformatting a text to be BibleWorks compatible, however, can be tricky (and sometimes painful). However, if you find a way to post (or send me) some of these books, I can take a look and time allowing, I can try to convert some for you and add them (later) to the master list.


    To my knowledge users have not really experimented much in this front, but it would also be possible to turn such resources into User Add-on modules (Chapter 47 in BW7 Online help), which means you convert the resouce into HTML Help format. This could be a very beneficial and flexible way to do things especially if the resource you are considering is more complex. Like I said, I don't know of any one yet who has played with this, but if you're computer savvy or have the time to play with it, try using that format and see if it works well.
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    Default Quickverse 8 STEP Books

    Can I send you a book to try to convert?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vernon Bauer
    Joe, what are some of the tools that Accordance has that BW doesn't yet have?

    Vernon Bauer
    The Mishnah (Hebrew, English), DSS English translation, NW Inscriptions, the "real Peshita", and the Samaritan Pentateuch) and that's not to mention the Logos material that is being made available (JM grammar).

    But soon 25% of the Bible won't be able to monopolize 75% (maybe this is a slight exaggeration) of the resources in BW as Joe said: "Accordance is a fantastic tool and is a real good counterpart to BW 6.0. It has a few tools that BW does not offer yet, but I sure will in time. Of course, it is only available for the Mac."

    Thanks Joe for mentioning that providing us OT folks with high quality material is a priority.

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