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Thread: Bibleworks Plus

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    thanks for the info. i forgot the mac program was called "accordance"

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    Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    I use e-Sword for "vanilla", day-to-day Bible Studies for it's ease of use and relatively ease module creation. I have acquired much study material in e-Sword that are not yet offered in BW. (Awaiting delivery of my HP Pocket PC to try the e-Sword Pocket PC version.)

    For more in-depth Bible Studies, especially in the original languages, BW6 is the tool!

    I do use QuickVerse 8 for any large STEP-based documents, but e-Sword for the smaller STEP-based docs.

    AGES Master Christian Library and Pulpit Commentaries, Bible Library 6, Logos Jewish New Testament & JNT Commentary, Early Christian Writings, and the Sacred Text Archives round out my online library. I also use the Watchtower Library 2001 CD to search their own literature for discussion/witnessing purposes.

    Agape Love, always.

    Tom W.

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    I also use e-Sword in conjunction with BibleWorks. In fact, I have been creating a number of modules for e-Sword. Those who are Reformed Baptists like me may be especially interested in the the James P. Boyce and John Gill modules. I have also been given permission by Desiring God Ministries to create Topic Notes modules of John Piper's sermons for e-Sword and offer them for download.

    In case any are interested:

    You will find a good list of links to other e-Sword materials here:
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    Default Great Stuff

    This is fantastic. Thank you for your work and contribution.

    God Bless,
    Joe Fleener
    Home Page:

    Annotated Bibliography of Online Research Tools:

    User Created BibleWorks Modules:

    Psalm 46:11
    `#r<a'(B' ~Wra' ~yIAGB; ~Wra' ~yhi_l{a/ ykinOa'-yKi W[d>W WPr>h;

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    No problem. I plan to add a number of other resources, such as J.L. Dagg's Manual of Theology and about two or three new Piper files per week.

    You can check the Immanuel Forum or the Downloads page regularly for updates.

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    Exclamation Updated engine for IVP Essential Software Collection

    After a year of frustration, I have finally got the Libronix interface [engine?] to install on my computer and am finding this a great boon to using the IVP Essential Reference Collection.

    If you own a copy of the original version, you can download the Libronix engine for free, but installing it has its quirks. You will probably need to read the pages about problems with installation.

    But it works much better than the original software. My Logos version would often crash on start up, and would not recognise my scrolling mouse.

    The new version is much more functional.

    David McKay

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    Default New Bibles for BibleWorks 7

    In case anybody's interested, I have just uploaded 12 new Bibles to the Master List which includes all of e-Sword's "missing" Bibles as well (e.g. Good News Bible, etc.)

    Check it out at:



    update: The new 07-04-06 installer has approximately 40 new Bibles
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    Robin Song, M.Div
    Andrews University Theological Seminary
    Berrien Springs, MI

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    For those of you who have enjoyed the many modules for e-Sword at the Immanuel Downloads page, I want to let you know that the page has been removed from the Immanuel site.

    However, all of the e-Sword modules have been moved to and are available for download there. New modules will also be added in the future.

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    Default Quickverse 8

    I'm sorry if this has already been asked clearly.

    I have Quickverse 8 and have been using it against my will. In other words, it's interface is poor and clunky. I couple weeks ago I bought BW7 and am loving it. But there are certain STEP books that I still want easy access to in QV8. I have seen some info about external resources but it didn't help.

    Can I somehow import the QV8 STEP books into BW7?


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    Default Step books

    If the step books can somehow be converted into text format, then yes, it can be done.

    The procedure of reformatting a text to be BibleWorks compatible, however, can be tricky (and sometimes painful). However, if you find a way to post (or send me) some of these books, I can take a look and time allowing, I can try to convert some for you and add them (later) to the master list.


    Robin Song, M.Div
    Andrews University Theological Seminary
    Berrien Springs, MI

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