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Thread: BW10 crashing in Verse & Word List Manager

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    Question BW10 crashing in Verse & Word List Manager

    I'm using BW10 ( on Windows 10 (1809 build 17763.737). I love what you can do with the Verse List Manager and the Word List Manager, but BibleWorks crashes OFTEN when I use these tools. Sometimes BW crashes when I open the Manager, before I can even load a list.

    I had installed the latest build, but it crashed more often than 667 so I went back.

    My laptop is a core i7, with 16 Gb RAM (only about 5 Gb in use).

    Any thoughts/suggestions?


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    I was having a lot of crashing problems until I updated Win 10 to Win 10 1903. That was several weeks ago and it has not crashed once. I use it every day. I hope this helps!

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    Praise the Lord! Your suggestion solved the crashing issue.

    I upgraded to 1903, and BW has not crashed once. I am even able to keep the Word List Manager open while I work in the main BW window, which I could never do before. I'm thrilled!

    May the Lord bless your studies in His Word. Thank you again for your wise and helpful suggestion.

    In Christ,

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