Hi all,

My church is planning on replacing our pew Bibles in the very near future. As one of the most highly trained in ancient languages, theology, etc., I have been asked to help them compare and analyze the NASB Update, ESV, and NIV, Bible translations. My church is basing its decision on two primary factors: readability (how it reads and sounds when read) and expository preaching (how accurate--notice I did not say literal or there would be no issue--is the translation to use for expository preaching?). These are the only three versions under consideration, so please do not suggest other Bible translations (e.g. TNIV). I am most interested in passages in which the translations differ and the theological implications of such differences. I have been doing some research with BibleWorks and have turned up some interesting results, but I would especially appreciate any input from any of you who might have more familiarity with the NASB Update or ESV--I am most familiar with the NIV. Thanks in advance for any input which you might have to offer. Blessings.