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Thread: Importing a text file into the version compiler

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    Default Importing a text file into the version compiler

    When attempting to compile a .txt version for BibleWorks, every so often the log shows a verse fails due to an 'invalid' character. I've only been using standard punctuating in the text file, so I'm not sure what character this could be..

    Anyone ever encountered/found a workaround for this?

    Many thanks.
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    After you compile a version in the Version Database Compiler and it fails, you can see what the "fatal" error was in box 4 "Build Database" of the Version Database Compiler window. That box should show you at least a couple of the erroneous lines. My most common mistake is that I inserted a line break when I did not intend to, and so there is a line without a reference at the beginning. But in box 4. you should be able to see what "character" was not allowed. Then you can go back to the .txt file and change it. It could be that you have added accents or something like that.
    Mark Eddy

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