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Thread: Keeping BibleWorks alive.

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    Default Keeping BibleWorks alive.

    I've registered here to post exclusively about the potential to keep BibleWorks alive. I've never used it but would like to, and I would like to understand why it was necessary to cease distribution of this software. Most importantly, can anything can be done to make it available once again? Could BibleWorks' development be maintained by donations? What about a subscription model like adobe products? Services like Patreon allow users to generate a monthly revenue stream. Could it be made open source? If none of these suggestions work, what would work? I don't mean to be crass, but it would be hard to believe that nothing can be done to keep BibleWorks available. That's why I am here seeking understanding.

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    Hi Aybram, and welcome to the forums. The official announcement about BibleWorks' closing is in this post. There are no details given there about the reasons for it, and none have been forthcoming since then, as far as I'm aware. It was a devastating blow at the time, and has not gotten much easier. But BW has continued to function, and compatibility updates have continued to be issued. The problem now is purchasing a legitimate, non-pirated version. See this thread for a kind of marketplace. I envision people beginning to leave BW licenses to others in their wills!

    As for the future, absolutely everyone here would like to see, and continues to pray for, BW finding a way to reopen for development and sales. I'm sure that most or all of the models you propose have been considered or discussed. The one that is truly not possible is the open-source model; for, while the program code itself could conceivably be maintained in that way, the program is inextricably linked to the multiple copyrighted, non-public-domain resources that BW includes. Those copyright holders are not going to allow their carefully and painstakingly researched and curated resources to become open-source.

    I know this is not very encouraging, but it is what I know. Perhaps others can chime in as well.
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    The impression I got when reading the announcement was that the owners lost their passion for the software and wanted to spend their lives with other things, and that it was no longer a profitable venture for them.

    I feel a better solution for the owners would have been to sell the rights to the software/platform to someone else willing to carry on the torch. By shutting things down, I feel that it really hurt BW from having a potential future, and I reckon most will just ultimately migrate to Accordance or Logos as a result. I myself invested into accordance when I found out about the demise of BW. While trying to learn how to use accordance, I quickly discovered things I still much prefer on BW10.

    At this point, I think we can only hope the owners will be willing to sell the rights to someone else to give BW a legitimate future, or they may somehow rekindle a desire to bring it back to life someday.
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    Default open source?

    Another possibility could be for the owners to open the source code and post it to an open source community like Source Forge.
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