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Thread: Right Click isn't working

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    Default Right Click isn't working

    Good morning! I had to install BibleWorks 10 on a new computer, but I'm having difficulty with a few options, all revolving around the right click. My mouse is working properly, and double right clicking will on BYZ or BGT will still bring up the Greek Morphology pop-up, so I know it's not an issue with my mouse.

    Yet, when I single right click on a Greek word, the context menu doesn't appear (allowing me to search by lemma, form, etc).
    The single right click also won't work in my Analysis window, so I can't seem to switch my default lexicons over to BDAG and HALOT.

    Any suggestions would be most helpful, thank you!

    Davey Ermold
    Pastor, Blue Ridge Grace Brethren Church
    Winchester, Virginia

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    Never mind. I uninstalled and reinstalled.

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    Default Greek Flashcard Module Certain Sound Files Missing

    Hello All,

    I'm using BW 10 and am finally around to a serious run at Koine and happened on the Mounce flashcard module. Great tool!

    However when I sort out prepositions and choose to run them automatically for some reason it doesn't have all the sound files for all the prepositions (for example, μη). The word appears in the list of prepositions but at the bottom of the module a small message appears--not a popup--that reads 'Sound file not found.'

    I haven't messed with the files, so I'm sure I didn't delete them, not even accidentally. Several are missing. I haven't gotten far enough to know if sound files are missing in other sortings.

    Αnyone run into this?

    And if anyone knows of other tools included in BW 10 specific to learning or working with Koine that I wouldn't know of as one who only used BW in English...I'm all ears.

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