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Thread: BibleWorks has encountered a severe error

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesMace View Post
    Dear John of now john et al.,

    "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways . . . ." (Shakespeare). Thanks for making the newly detailed explanation of the reinstallation process.
    I successfully reinstalled BW10 into the 1903-updated Windows 10 without any trouble. Yet, alas, it did not help my trouble with my custom x-ref database's causing a crash of BW10. (I even had also deleted all BibleWorks entries in the Windows registry.)
    Does anyone know if I lost an allowed installation of BW10 by reinstalling it? (Are there only a certain number of installations allowed?)
    Or, if only a number are allowed, then did my uninstalling it using the ISO while online restore my first BW10 installation to my account's allowed number of installations?

    Happily, though, I have learned enough to help anyone who might be having the same problem as mine.
    Since it did not help to reinstall BW10, that can be avoided. tip calculator
    But I have achieved restored functionality (in all but Luke 10:27 re my doctoral thesis) of my BW10 custom x-ref by merely changing a setting:
    1) In the X-Refs tab, click "Options" to open dropdown window
    2) Hover cursor over "View" and then click "Select Bible version to use for displayed text"
    3) Select button for "Use the Bible version specified in the cross-reference database"; click "OK" grade calculator
    This now allows a custom entry, e.g., to Psalms of Solomon in OPE, to know longer crash the program when it is overhovered, and the custom x-ref database now displays the texts of every entry, no matter to which book it may refer outside the Bible.
    (But I suppose there must be something uniquely wrong with Luke 10:27 in the x-ref database making it still crash BW10 when I attempt to access the verse's X-Refs tab using my custom x-ref database.) online stopwatch

    So now all I have to do is somehow gain access to the Luke 10:27 entry of my custom x-ref file in order to remove whatever entry/-ies make(s) it cause BW10 to crash when I select it.

    Can anyone tell me how to do this? moon phase for today
    Can an x-ref file from BW10 be opened in BW9? I was unable to do it in BW9 on my old Windows 7 laptop.
    Is there some way to open the x-ref file with another program to allow editing it?

    If necessary, I will proceed to uninstall BW9 on my old laptop and install BW10 in hopes that I can edit the Luke 10:27 entry of my custom x-ref database in the old Windows 7 operating system (since the updated Windows 10 disallows it).

    Thus I must also ask if there are a limited number of BW9 and BW10 installations allowed? Can I install BW10 on my next computer without uninstalling it from my old laptop? (Assuming that I can regain a future installation by uninstalling a previous installation--is that the case?)

    Yours in the fellowship of BibleWorking brethren,
    Could you please help me out? I have the old BW9 on my Acer laptop and would like to install BW10 on my new Macbook Pro. Is the same ISO file compatible or should I use another link?

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    Unless you own a copy of BW10, you cannot use the ISO to download it as NowJohn outlined. If you can purchase a set of codes from a previous user who is giving it up, then you can move up to BW10. Otherwise, you have to keep using BW9, if possible.
    Mark Eddy

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