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Thread: Update to BW fails

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    Default Update to BW fails

    Hello out there,

    perhaps somebody can help?

    When trying to install the update to BW version, the download is done completely, but then the update fails with the error message 50, "the disk is (or was) full during extraction."

    Well, the update file is ~ 36 MB, whereas on my harddisk, there are 380 GB free space.

    Methought that should be sufficient. On the other hand,
    "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in our philosophy."
    Which is especially true in the realm of computers & software...

    My current BW version is; OS is Windows 10, version 1803, build 17134.829 (German version).
    Apart from that, BW is running fine on my machine.

    Be blessed,
    Joachim [yow:˙kh-heem]

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    Does your system have only 1 harddisk?

    I think, the downloaded file is first saved to a certain folder where it is then extracted/unpacked/unzipped before being applied to the BW main program. So, it is possible that the size of that folder is somehow limited in size for the full extraction to take place?
    It is worth to investigate this possibility (check your unzip program and its corresponding folder property).

    And, I just did the update and report that it went smoothly. The installation of this update also triggers 2 optional updates ( and for me and I installed those as well.

    Mine is Windows 10, 1803, 17134.765 (Chinese version) when I did the update from to

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