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Thread: Activating BW8 Modules for BW10

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    Default Activating BW8 Modules for BW10

    I own BibleWorks 10. I recently purchased a lot on Ebay that includes both BibleWorks 8 AND BibleWorks 9 installation CDs and activation codes. I also have activation codes for BDAG and HALOT that were purchased with the BibleWorks 8 cd's.

    What is the best way to install these so that I at least can use BDAG and HALOT. I would like to use the extra resources on BibleWorks 9, but I definitely want access to BDAG and HALOT.

    Can I start by installing version 8, then Version 9 then version 10? Or do I have to somehow upgrade from one to the other?

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    If all you want from BW8 is BDAG and HALOT, you can install BW10 first, then type in the activation codes for BDAG and HALOT. Those codes should work, because they are not changed from version to version (BW7 and before were less secure codes).
    If there are other databases you want from BW8 which are not in BW9 (I can't think now what they might be), at this point you would have to install BW8 and copy those files into the BW10 (or BW9) file of the same name. I have a few remaining upgrade codes from BW9 to BW10, so if you do not want to manually copy files from 9 into 10 (e.g. NIV 1984), if you install BW9 first and then use the upgrade code from me when you install BW10, I think BW10 will find the discontinued databases in BW9 when you do the migration process, and they should end up in BW10.
    I hope this helps.
    Mark Eddy

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