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Thread: BibleWorks Full x64 Mac Installer - Where is it?

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    Here is what I get in trying to download BW10 x64 Mac Installer: "“BibleWorks” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware."

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    Default Bibleworks in the future

    Quote Originally Posted by GUSnacks View Post

    This is unacceptable. From all comments via PM and this it appears you knew for a very long time that there would be no more development for Mac and you withheld that info. I thought BW was ethical, but I got suckered into upgrading from BW9 to BW10 for no reason. You refused a refund. Unacceptable. I feel betrayed. Took my $ and ran.
    This simply is not true. We said up front that we would use our best efforts to produce a 64 bit version of BW before closing down. That but was there from the beginning and that is what we did. We also said no refunds because the price was so low and because the company would not be around to process refunds. We never deceived anyone. We also advised that if we were unsuccessful, third party solutions would likely be available. We were dependent on Crossover to produce a 64bit compatible version and on Apple to provide a timnely Catalina release. These things simply did not work out and it was completely beyond our control. I kept our Mac guy on board for six months after the company shut down in the hopes of something materializing, but it never did.

    It has taken a year and a half since our closue but Crossover now is in alpha for a Mac version that can run 32 bit programs like BibleWorks. That will eventually provide a solution for very little cost. I think crossover is around $60 and you can find Windows 7 versions for around $20. I am not happy about the way this worked out but we were up front about the whole thing and in case you missed it, I am continuing to support the Windows version a year and a half after closure of the company. No compensation. Very few companies would bother and there is certainly no moral obligation to do so. If you must be angry, direct a little of it towards Apple. But it would be better just to show a little understanding.

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