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Thread: Tov Parallel Hebrew/LXX window crashes

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    Default Tov Parallel Hebrew/LXX window crashes

    For many months I have been crashing BibleWorks some of the times when I try to open the Tov Parallel Hebrew/LXX window. Arter a crash I can always open that module with no problem. The crashes occur when I have been working in my editor window/tab and switch back to the browse window, then click on the Tov icon. The crash occurs only after I have switched between the editor and browse windows numerous times (I do not know what the minimum would be, but it is more than 3 or 4). I have learned to save my editor before trying to open Tov, so I do not lose data. But the crash happens whether I save the editor file or not. I have also produced such a crash when I had the Synopsis Tool open. There seems to be some sort of syncing problem, that Tov does not know what verse to open up. But I have tried clicking on the browse window, changing verses on the browse window and then coming back to the verse I want, etc. Sometimes Tov opens. Sometimes it causes a crash. I have reported this to Michael Bushell, and he cannot replicate the crash. He suspects a code flaw in Tov, but I cannot find any smoking gun code similarities in the verses from which I have produced the crashes. So, he suggested that I alert you, and ask if anyone else has this problem. I get the same crash on both my Windows 10 an my Windows XP computers. Any ideas?
    Mark Eddy

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    Default Tov

    Mark, or anyone who can reproduce the error, it might help if you could send me a video of crash. I know that is difficult since you can't predict when it will happen. I have messed around quite a bit and cannot reproduce. It may be as simple as what versions are in use or what tabs are active.

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