I don't know to what extent this forum is being read these days, but my situation seems to warrant a post of this nature in case there is still some readership.

I am Randy Leedy, and I have taught Greek at all levels from beginner through doctoral courses at Bob Jones University since 1982. I am probably best known as the author of the sentence diagrams for the whole NT published here in BibleWorks.

I was informed a few months ago that my teaching position is being eliminated, under budgetary pressures, at the end of this school year. At age 58, I would like to remain employed for at least a few more years in some capacity. As long as the economy remains sound, I don't expect to have difficulty providing life's basic necessities (depending on what works out for medical insurance, perhaps), but I do have a sense of calling to stay engaged in serious Greek studies if possible.

Because my plate is extremely full of daily responsibilities, I am not presently in a position to engage in general correspondence about the wide range of possibilities for remunerative engagement in Greek scholarship, research, or teaching. Since, however, this is the time of year when many schools are making hiring decisions for the coming school year, it seemed prudent for me to take time to post a notice here making my potential availability known.

Over the past year I have been developing BJU Seminary's first seminary-level online Greek exegesis courses. I can't say that I am excited at all about teaching online, but I do recall from Scripture that one who wishes to eat should expect to feel some sweat on his face! So pleasure is not the determinative criterion for me. One attraction of online teaching is the potential for not needing to relocate from our very settled and pleasing situation here in Greenville, SC. But I am willing to consider any and all open doors.

Assuming that I do become unemployed in as expected in May, at that point I will become much more intent on exploring some outside-the-box ideas with which I'm toying, and more open-ended discussion will be welcome. For now, I'm perfectly content to receive no time-consuming replies to this post except for any possible expressions of interest in my services.

Blessings in Christ! (Acts 3:26),

Randy Leedy, Ph.D.
Bob Jones University Seminary
Greenville, SC