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Thread: BW8 ISO available

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    Default BW8 ISO available

    A while ago regret was expressed over the loss of the installation media for BW8. I recently obtained a BW8 installation DVD and made an ISO from it and posted it on the internet.

    I used my personal BW8 activation code to confirm that the ISO works.

    If you would like to be able to download it, PM me. If there is sufficient response, I may be willing to do the same for other BW versions. BW10 is linked to on the BW home page.

    I presently do not have installation media for those versions. I threw them away, never imagining a need for them. If you have them, please contact me to see about me obtaining a copy.


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    I have disks for 7, 8 and I'm looking for 9. I'm sure I have it somewhere.
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