Hello. My name is José Rafael. I am an evangelical pastor in Brazil and would like to make a serious complaint about the illegal sale of BibleWorks licenses.

Here in Brazil, there is an online sales platform similar to eBay. It's called "Mercado Livre" As you can see below, there are a number of links that announce the sale of licenses to BibleWorks.
If you look carefully, all ads have the same description. They claim to be marketing an original license, but it's not true. The seller is a digital criminal. A stalker. He is selling a pirated version of BibleWorks.

I know there is no longer any way to buy the BibleWorks license officially, but I need to come here to make this complaint. I was fooled, but I was able to reverse the situation at a time when I realized I had bought a pirated product.

Here below are some link's about this subject: