Hey Folks,

I have a number of BW Modules I'd like to sell. I'm not selling a BW10 Activation code as I'm giving that away to a friend who had BW9, just selling modules. DM me an offer

Stuttgart Original Languages Module (New Testament) (SOLN)

Combination Offer: BDAG and HALOT Modules (BDAG/HALOT)

Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament (EDNT) Requires

Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (Abridged) (TDNT)

Greek Grammar of the New Testament (BDFG)

Aramaic Peshitta New Testament Database (APNT)

Qumran Sectarian Manuscripts (QSMA)

Grammar of Palestinian Jewish Aramaic (STEV)

A Greek-English Lexicon (LSJM)

A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament (METZ)

Blessings to you!