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Thread: New/first installation of BW10 to new PC

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    Default BW10 ISO new install to new Win 10 PC-sharing

    Today, I have successfully installed BW10 into my newly built PC and would like to share my experience and document the steps that I took. Hopefully this will help a few.

    A little background story first. In mid June last year right before BW closure, I bought a BW10 USB flash drive, which came with a BW10-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx code as I ordered it as a new install version. But, as a current BW9 user, I then realized I should have ordered as an upgrade version. As both versions were of the same cost, I contacted BW and subsequently received an email with an upgrade code UP09-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx and a list of codes of add-ons of my previous entitlement.

    I built a Windows 10 (Build 1803) PC in Jan 2019. After testing it for the past couple months, it should be stable now.
    Fast forward to this week of March 2019, I began the installation.

    Steps I took:-
    1. Checked Bibleworks main page and notice the 22GB ISO Installation file is dated to 16th July 2019, which is about one month newer than the date of my USB flash drive. As I could not find out whether or not any update was released within that period that might be included in the ISO file, I decide to use the ISO file instead of using my USB flash drive

    2. Downloaded the 22GB ISO file into my PC with no issue. I had the entire file downloaded all in one go without using a download manager.

    3. Right-clicked on the downloaded file and chose 'Mount' (usually at the top of the menu).

    4. Content of the file was displayed and I ran the BWCheckDisc.exe to check the integrity of each files. It reported '0 files failed' and so, I clicked 'OK'.
    (If one or more files fails, you need to download the entire ISO file again, perhaps with the help of a download manager program.)

    5. I then disabled Windows 10 Defender firewall as well as the antivirus in Windows Security.

    6. Double-clicked the setup.exe to start the installation

    7. Installation location was at default C: drive

    8. Typed in the BW10 code, plus all other add-on codes, plus the upgrade-from-BW9 code into the List. Ticked the 'Check critical updates online' box as well.

    9. Install started and it also downloaded some kind of updates through the internet near the end of the installation.

    10. Then, it asked me to activate online now or to choose to use the 7-day trial period. I chose 'activate online now' option. It activated without issue.

    11. Whole process took about 5-10 minutes, excluding the download time of the 22GB file. (The download time for this part depends on your internet connection speed.)

    12. Restarted the computer to complete the installation. (Windows firewall and antivirus were re-enabled manually after restarting.)

    13. Test-launched the program without problem. Now, I have to adjust some settings, especially the size of fonts as everything is too small.

    14. I have also bought a 32GB USB flash drive to act as a backup. I formatted it from its default FAT32 format into exFAT format, by using the CMD command in Windows. I have yet to learn how to do the backup of my BW10 in Win10 environment.

    So far so good!

    BW10 is the most important software in my PC and I use it on a daily basis.
    Much thanks to all BW staff again for this great piece of software.

    a) This is a good thread to read ( ). Thanks again to member now john for all helpful feedbacks.

    Edit 1: (2019-3-29)
    I discover a few things:-
    a) In the Activation Database/Manager Window, none of the older add-on codes are listed. A little popup window says those are activated but not shown in this Window.
    b) Using the above procedure, only the BW10-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx code was activated. UP09-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx code is listed but as 'Not activated'. So, the upgrade code is then activated manually.
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