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    Default Aramaic texts

    I've been browsing the CAL project again, whence come our Targumim. You can now search for the Aramaic equivalent of English in various dialects, and search Sokoloff's Dictionary of Palestinian Aramaic.

    They have coded a large number of Aramaic texts and inscriptions- the Tel Dan inscription, the Bar-Hadad inscription, etc. Is it possible that all these too could make their way into BW?

    Also, I have noticed recently that the little pop-up morphology help doesn't appear when searching the Targum morphology (TAM). I know it uses a different system, hence all the more need to have it.

    Edit: I just noticed that there is an update to the BW version of the lexicon, which is very nice.

    Is there any possibility of getting Sokoloff's lexicon into BW as something accessible from teh lexicon browser? (Or Jastrow too?) I don't really expect a response on these questions from BW staff, but I'm throwing them out there for possibilities.

    Many thanks.

    Many thanks.
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    There needs to be more Aramaic resources including inscriptions as well as the letters (e.g. Elphantine Papyri).

    Why doesn't Bibleworks establish a connection with Writings from the Ancient World published by SBL? They'd have a lot of resources at their fingertips.

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    Default Aramaic resources in BW


    I am glad to hear of the interest in Aramaic resources. Logos has really taken the lead in this area offering The Peshitta and George Kiraz's Lexicon to the Peshitta. These of course are linked to each other. These are just two of their Aramaic resources and the number is growing. Personally I don't care from whom I purchase Bible software. If the software is in my area of interest, does what I want it to do and is of high quality, I am pleased.


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    Concerning the targums, I am also wondering why BW does not provide Pseudo-Jonathan and Neofiti. They are available from CAL, and they will be soon be available for Libronix...

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    Default Neofiti

    Ah, but they are available to be compiled! Check the thread at the top for files that can be downloaded...

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    Default Online Targum

    The links to the Tulane Targumim do not seem to be working. I did find this, however, and it works well.

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