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Thread: Dead Sea Scrolls Activation

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    Default Dead Sea Scrolls Activation

    Is anyone using their DSS activation. I'd like to buy a legal copy (activation code) for it.

    That is if it is still possible.


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    Sorry, I don't want to part with mine, but for clarification I'll point out that there are two modules related to the DSS. You might want to say which, or both, you are interested in.

    1. Two books that were sold together ($30 US in 2008), but have separate activation codes.
    • Dead Sea Scrolls Bible, English (Abegg,Flint,Ulrich) 1999, which contains that book in HTML format, and also as a BW version for the Browse Window.
    • Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Translation (Wise-Abegg-Cook 2005) (English Translation of the "Sectarian" texts in HTML format.)

    2. "Qumran Sectarian Manuscripts (Abegg 2003)", consists of BW text and morphological versions containing transcriptions of the non-canonical Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts. It was $80 US in 2014.

    The two complement each other nicely.


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    Thanks, Jim for the clarification. But if I could I would probably buy both modules.

    Thanks again, I'll continue to look around to see if I can find alternatives.

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