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Thread: Move from 32 bit Mac installation to 64 bit

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    Default Move from 32 bit Mac installation to 64 bit

    I am currently running BW 10 on my MacBook Pro. After installing the recent update for Mojave (10.14.3), then starting my BW, a note popped up warning that BW would no longer work with future updates. I assume it is warning me that I need to install the 64 bit version. Does anyone know if the non-beta form of this is going to be released soon, or whether I should give up on that and go ahead and install that which is available? I have used BW for decades, almost since it began. I use it through Apple TV often while teaching and pretty much every way it can be used. Will I regret installing the current Beta? Thanks for your help. Grace and Peace, Jeff.

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    I use the beta and it is mostly fine. There is a thread where I outlined the bugs and the areas not adequately addressed by BW. The biggest issue is you cannot change fonts or font sizes without a crash that requires you delete your ini files. This has been brought to BW's attention, but I have not heard anything about the next version of the installer.

    Here is the thread.

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