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Thread: The elephant in the room

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    I do not feel that accountability is at all the issue. BW owners made choices of their conscience and stuck to them. When they decided to close they did so in a manner that kept the product alive for their customers, for at least a time. It is not correct for us to try and make assumptions at this point as it is not constructive. There is no elephant in the room because the closure was transparent to all who were on the forums at the time. Your "rules" are an over simplification of the issues and the decisions made.

    Sorry if my tone appears harsh, that is not intended, just direct.
    Good follow up comment. Took the words out of my mouth.

    David Spear
    Calvary Chapel of Manassas
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    KJV Romans 3:28 Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without (apart from) the deeds of the law.

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    Default David & JFidel


    Accountability is the issue for me. But I'm a Presbyterian who thinks all men should submit their publications to their Sessions (board of elders), before submitting the final manuscript to a publishing house for distribution. So maybe I just have tulip colored lenses.

    I'm not questioning the heart/conscience of BW. I'm questioning their wisdom/judgement. I'm convinced that a few more wise/objective men could have helped BW figure out a way to take the best Bible software on the market and offer it up as a blessing to the next generation of Bible students. As it is, BW is now just another use case to be discussed in business/ethics classes at Christian colleges across the country.

    Be well.

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    You are welcome to your opinion. It has nothing to do with wisdom or having wise people around them. It was a decision they made after prayer and consideration. You are simply not enough aware of the facts so your opinions appear simplistic and shallow. Your heart is in the right place wanting the product to continue. Let's just agree on that.

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